How you can partner with us!

Moving forward, we need all hands on deck to serve in many different areas so we can minister effectively to our community and the ONE we are trying to reach. Already, we are partnering with local missions and other organizations to expand our connection within the community. We are exploring how to improve our facilities to better accommodate and serve the ONE and the growth God causes. We have ministries right now that need more people to get involved! Look for additional ways to serve in our app or service on Sunday.

  • Special needs ministry—this has been launched! We’d like to continue improving and building this ministry by creating a buddy system that helps families with special needs members.
  • Dynamite Kids Ministry—We want to take this to the next level of awesome. We have someone awesome back there now, but we need more people.
  • We need training for volunteers who will work with kids from the community.
  • So, I want to challenge you: if you have kids attending worship or class, get on a rotation to serve once a month.
  • We need to improve and grow our security team.
  • We must improve our check-in system with independent check-in ability and a manned booth with a door to the kids’ area. We need to build something in that hallway for added security and to help monitor the kids. This can be accomplished soon. We need the hands and know-how of people in the congregation who are willing to head this up.
  • We need to expand our women’s ministry.
  • Community Partnership (HUB groups), schools, and John 3:16 are good places to begin.
  • We need a clear entrance to this building! Think like it’s your first time here…how do you get in?! We’re doing what we can for now, but we need this.