We just completed a series on Deconstruction as a church, and a lot of research was done in preparation. I thought I would share with you some of the articles, books,  videos, and podcasts I used. Not all of these hold traditionally Christian views and some videos are of those who have deconstructed their faith. As I mentioned in the series, we begin with Scripture and want to maintain its authority as our foundation, which by definition means we are not looking to deconstruct our faith, but restore faith to a more biblical understanding and practice. As always, if you have any questions, please connect with me or leave a comment below and lets start a discussion.

Articles and Books

Heads up! Not all of these articles are ones I agree with personally, but used for additional research and to view more positions on the topics we covered. Read with caution and feel free to contact me with questions.


Five Real Reasons Young People Are Deconstructing Their Faith by Carey Nieuwhof

The Woman’s Curse: A Redemptive Reading of Genesis 3:16

Paul, the Goddess Religions, and Queer Sects: Romans 1:23-28


Another Gospel?: A Lifelong Christian Seeks Truth in Response to Progressive Christianity

Straight White Male: A Faith-Based Guide to Deconstructing Your Privilege and Living with Integrity

Is God anti-gay? (Questions Christians Ask)

Commentaries and Biblical Resources

These are some that I used for the Sexuality and Purity Culture message. Most of these resources are from the Logos library. Most of the other biblical resources unlisted here were also from Logos.

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News Coverage, Deconstruction Stories, and Responses

This section comes with a warning. Some deconstruction stories are for adult audiences and may contain offensive language or suggestive material.

Deconstructing My Religion by CBS Religion

Alisa Childers Doesn’t Get Progressive Christianity | God is Grey : this video is fascinating. She is quite an influence in progressive Christian thought and shares an additional story on how she was literally “canceled by the exvangelical movement” (her words). That video can also be found on YouTube but I did not find it extremely helpful. But it does demonstrate that even among more “welcoming” movements, there’s a limit or type of oppression upon those within the community, which also proves that neither position is as inclusive as they claim.

How My Christian Faith Fell Apart

Link’s Spiritual Deconstruction

Rhett’s Spiritual Deconstruction

Growing Up in Purity Culture

Dating Our Wives in Purity Culture

Christian Responses and Apologetics

Cooper Stuff: Ep. 110 – 5 Reasons People are Deconstructing. A Response.

Should Christians Deconstruct their Faith?

Enemies Within Christianity | The Deconstruction Movement and Exvangelicals

What’s With All The Deconstruction Stories? With Sean McDowell

David Crowder, Faith Leaders Share Experiences to Help Church Face Deconstruction Movement

Before You Lose Your Faith: Deconstructing Doubt in the Church | TGC Podcast

How to Talk to Progressive Christians (Part 1)

Cultish: Deconstruction: Understanding the “Ex-Evangelical” Movement with Alisa Childers

Bible Scholars and Sermons

Jesus, Marriage, and Sex

Spiritual & Sexual “About Sex” Tim Mackie

The Depth of the Gospel – Sermons – Matt Chandler

Doubt, Deconstruction, and Jesus 01