As most of you have probably noticed, there’s a lot of construction along Highway 412. You might be wondering, are we still having services? The answer is yes! Allow me to give you some ideas on how to take an alternate route while the construction continues.

Westbound 412 HWY

Unfortunately, the exit to get to our campus is closed on the westbound side. So you’ll have to take the exit before 49th, which is 65th Street and turn left to cross the overpass. Keep going and veer right onto Edison Street. You’ll cross the new expressway and that will let you know that you’re getting close!

Eastbound 412 HWY

Construction begins as you approach this exit as they merge traffic to the left two lanes. The exit to 49th is open and you can turn off shortly after the cones begin. Be careful though! It can sneak up on you.

49th Street

The street is completely open north and south under 412. If you’re coming from the southwest, you could take Charles Page up to 49th to get to Osage Hills instead of getting on the highway. However, the exit to head west on 412 is closed. The eastbound exit is currently open though sometimes they close this as well.

My Suggestion

If all this is confusing, plug our address into your Map App on your phone and have it bring you to worship this weekend! That is definitely the easiest way to navigate to Osage Hills Christian Church. We look forward to seeing you this weekend!