Many of us have experienced the benefits of church camp. In fact, my wife was significantly impacted by her time at camp, and it was through that experience that she gave her life to the Lord. Some of my friends from Bible college shared with me that church camp was instrumental in their call to full-time ministry. Not only can these things take place, but life-lasting relationships, including personal relationships with God, are planted and cultivated at church camp. It is wonderful to know that my kids are exposed to these opportunities that can spur their relationship with God and challenge them to grow in their faith. I’m sure you feel the same way.

However, the cost can be quite high for parents, especially if more than one child registers to attend. Registration costs begin at $115 for our youngest students and climb to $380 for our high school students. Unless you’ve been saving all year for the next registration, this can be quite a shock!

How You Can Support

That’s where the church can step in and make a difference in the lives of these kids and their families. We want to see kids get introduced to Jesus, grow in Jesus, and go with Jesus in their everyday lives. Church camp is one impactful opportunity that helps develop their relationship with God. You can help make this opportunity a reality by attending our FREE Fundraiser Dinner this Sunday, April 14, at noon. Last year, we raised over $9,000 and covered the full registration price of every student who went to camp! Such a gift spoke volumes to parents and kids alike and demonstrated our church’s support and generosity. Basically, our church is awesome! We want to have an even greater impact this year, and I believe we can do it again.

Another way you can support our kids is through prayer. We come alongside our students and parents when we lift them up to the Lord. God can prepare their hearts for these life-changing experiences; we want that to happen. This is a great way to develop the community of Christ and support Osage Kids and Students.

What We’re Doing This Year

Baseball is this year’s theme! I am excited about it because I am a huge baseball fan. We will have traditional ballpark food for lunch, but better! Raffle tickets for $1 each will be on sale when you walk in. Place your ticket(s) in the baskets of your choice to have your name drawn so you can compete in a fun game for the prize. This year, we will also have a KIDS ONLY prize! All proceeds go to the Next Gen Scholarship Fund to help our kids go to camp and other events throughout the year. You can also donate without buying tickets by giving in the Church Center App or cash or check. This event will be a blast, and you won’t want to miss it!

So, MARK YOUR CALENDAR and come to support our kids! Let’s show them our generous support.