Hey everyone! I want to take a moment to make a big announcement concerning what is about to begin in January. Here’s what you can expect: our services will be at 9 and 10:30 am with Sunday school classes taking place during the services. For kids, Sunday school classes will be happening during first service and Kids Worship take place during second service. We will be having a time to Reach Across between the services for food and fellowship. I wanted to share a few benefits to look forward to and get excited about in this new opportunity as we strive to connect Christ to where we live.

We have provided new opportunities to Reach Down.

Reaching Down is our way of biblically educating ourselves and others through discipleship. Now that our current Sunday school teachers are offering their classes during one of the service times, we have more classrooms available to begin new classes. If you have been thinking about teaching a class and have not had the opportunity or would like to take part in beginning a new class, be sure to contact me so we can get started.

Further, we will need more awesome people like you to get involved with Osage Kids on Sunday mornings. This ministry changes lives and we have the opportunity to include more teams and teachers to disciple our kids in their classes and worship time. Contact Ryan to discover how you can participate and support the next generation as they grow in their relationships with God.

We can regularly and tangibly Reach Across.

Reaching Across is how we serve and engage with each other to develop Christian relationships for encouragement. We are designing this 30+ minute break between services to provide opportunity to cross paths and to strengthen our church unity. What better way to do this than with food? I would really like to have a team willing to serve and make these times special. If God has gifted you with the ability to plan food related get-togethers, please connect with me and let’s talk about some ideas.

Further, this time was created to include everyone regardless of age. Kids will need to be picked up to join their parents for this time of connection. Let them have a good time with us! I think that we all agree that the church body is extended family, and it is beneficial for children to cross paths with those who are older in the faith. Our seasoned Christians should have a relational opportunity to pour into the lives of our young people in fun ways too. Our hope is that by creating more opportunities to Reach Across in this way, Reaching Down becomes a natural result.

Reach Out to your neighbors and invite them to come join us.

Reaching Out is our way of connecting with the community. With this laid back and informal get together, we can easily invite our neighbors and friends to join us for some food and stay for worship. I want to challenge you to make those connections outside the church and start utilizing this time to Reach Out where you live.

I’m Available

I know that change can be difficult, especially with all that has happened these past few years. But I believe this time is necessary for us so we can reconnect with one another, strengthen our unity as a church, and grow in our ability to accomplish the mission of connecting Christ to where we live. I’m sure there are many other questions you have, and I welcome them! Send me an email, meet with me at the office, or let’s go to lunch and talk about these things. I really want to personally invite you to join me as we move forward together and be as clear as I can in our communication with these changes.

I’m very much looking forward to what God is doing and is about to do with Osage in our next step!

God bless,