November 21 @ 5 pm

We are really excited to partner with the Common Good and provide a Thanksgiving meal for our community at the HUB! This is a great opportunity for us to Reach Out and connect Christ to where we live. Be sure to register to bring a side on our website or in the Church center app.

We are going to need a few things for this event to work. The church has a great opportunity to come through on this event and make a difference in the community. Here’s a list of things to expect and what we need to do:

  • Take chairs and tables over to the HUB on November 20. We are meeting at the church building at 10 am to load them onto a trailer.
  • Provide turkeys and sides. We’d like to have rolls and all the fixin’s. There’s a list in the registration where you can sign up to bring items. Please arrive at the HUB with your sides on November 21 at 4 pm.
  • Volunteers to serve food. We are going to slice the desserts and have them ready for people to take after they get their food.
  • Clean up after the event is over. Let’s make this event awesome and help clean up afterward as well.

Let’s do this! I’m looking forward to seeing you there!